Art is a serious thing.

Let me google that for you.

It's time to plan ahead.


Has Joel received an invitation yet?

The last wound proved fatal.

All the people laughed at the story.


That's an odd question.

I forgot to lift the receiver before dialing the number.

The teacher particularly emphasized that point.

I've seen them do it before.

When have you got time for tennis with me?

This is my farm, and it isn't for sale.

Don't say it behind my back.


There was a strong likelihood of his succeeding.


We are breakfasting at seven, if you would like to join us.


She cleared off the table.

I sell a new car.

It has been ten years since my father passed away.

That's a pretty terrible deal.

I like you, but not just because you're beautiful.

to give significance to dull chores

We could talk now.

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I read a most interesting book in my library.

I'm looking for a French penpal.

I couldn't bear to see such a scene.

Gerard is a veterinarian.

Who else could've done this?

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If your tongue turns black, you should probably see a doctor.

Would you stay tonight, perhaps?

They're interrogating Claudio.

I didn't say I persuaded him.

I'd like nothing better than to fire Claudio, but I can't do that.

Our ammunition has run out.

She turned bright red.

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I assume you've heard that we're having a meeting this afternoon.

We went to see a comedy in London.

I've disobeyed him.

"Well, that is, it's not something I can boast of," in fact it's not something I can talk unashamedly about in public.

It just doesn't seem possible.

Tottie and Sara are two of the most important and interesting characters.

Write only your family name in capitals.

There is a school down the mountain.

I'm very mindful of that.


Are you freezing?

It is not my intent to hurt you in any way.

I rest my case.


To know one's self is to be free.

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Okay, I'm coming!

I like her attitude.

He bargained with the house agent for a lower price.

I said I wasn't hungry.

Joshua began to worry about Jeffery.

I didn't know you were unhappy here.

Sal has decided to keep a diary this year.

It can cause kidney failure.

We supply parts to the auto manufacturer.

I'd rather play football than go swimming.

It seems that supper will be late.

Unfortunately, a Japanese dub of the film is not included on this DVD, but at least there are Japanese subtitles.

I'm sad now.

That's already been done.

He spends the day watching kitten videos on the Internet.


No one should have to put up with this.

Stop being so stubborn.

Today is the day that Vinod graduates.

He excels us at tennis.

We have a complete set of the recordings of Beethoven's symphonies.

He spoke slowly enough for everyone to understand.

Gin is not my friend.

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It is necessary that you start at once.

I think Piete has a lot of faith in Darrell.

It's really hard to understand you.

The streetcar was packed.

A doctor should never let a patient die.

Show me what you have in your left hand.

This table is wonky.

Shean hated Jack.

She is in a very good mood.

Maybe he likes you.

I'll tell them when to go.

I don't want them to help me.

I didn't apologize.

Oleg figured it was over.

Carisa made up her mind to go to law school.

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You can't change your horse when crossing a river.


I see that you're a patriot.


It's very loud.

Elliot was in bed with a cold.

He has a lot of money.

Please help conserve water.

I have no plans for tomorrow.

Maybe Jeff wasn't wrong.

Seth enjoyed cycling.

Those are his very words.

It must be done.

Fight for your right.

When was the last time you read a book?

I doubt that Pantelis will ever come back home.

This is beyond the compass of my ability.


She needed 10.5 liters of nitric acid for the experiment.


By the time he finds out, it will be too late.

This fault admits of no excuse.

Why are you doing that? You're getting my shirt wet!

I'm not done here.

I'm here to help Lea.


I'm going to buy the bilingual dictionary next Saturday.

Please stay away from us.

Dorian was unsuccessful in finding a job.

I need more space.

She didn't want him to die.

I wasn't supposed to tell you that.

Marsh is half asleep.

You're crazy or what?

A dog bit her on the leg.


Do you already know what to do?


Allen didn't come and Jane didn't come either.


I can read Spanish easily.

My wife is preparing dinner right now.

How about your place?

I hope they kick Bruce out.

Water expands when it freezes.


My nickname is "Itch."

How did we get to this point?

What else are we going to do?

The increase in juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.

What is the advantage of that technology?


Clifford slipped quietly out of bed and went into the kitchen.

Would you like sugar and milk?

I can kill you.

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I will shit on you.

Someone might try to steal it.

No matter how busy he was while living abroad, he never failed to write home to his parents at least once a week.

Do you want them to help you?

It seems I was wrong about Andries.

I think Stephe is mean.

Have you ever heard of a custom as strange as this?

I'll try to never be late again.

The man you met yesterday was Doug Jackson.


He was a tall, thin man.

Is that what Saumya told you?

Hunter gave me a hug.

They are six people.

How heavy is too heavy?

What if he says no?

Brandon deserves a second chance.

I'm happy the game is over.

I wish I were a millionaire.


You should apologize to your father for not getting home in time for dinner.

How did you pull it off?

We didn't want to hurt you.

Vinod meant it as a joke, but nobody laughed.

Arlene is obviously worried about something.


I would love to hear about how your wedding planning is going!

I'll cook bacon and eggs.

I have a stuffed-up nose.

Why are you shaking?

Don't expect this good weather to last.


How come you're late?

It must be said that, without his help, we wouldn't have managed.

Randy told me to treat others with respect.

I've tried to contact you.

We'll stand.

Tran smiled.

Did Kate say which way he'd be heading?


We'll never use those.

Maybe they can be happy.

My hand are benumbed with cold.

Please remind me to turn in the paper.

She could scarcely gasp the words.